"To be fierce. Fierce like the indomitable Tiger, one must draw unshakable might from the knowing, that the pulse that floods your veins is one with the pulse that floods all the rivers, all the streams and all of the lungs and hearts and vines and currents, of the Great Mother.     To be ethereal. Heavenly like the most tender Butterfly, ones heart must be a stream without stone. A heart as a feather cannot be weighed down to more than the sublimeness of a flowers bloom, and the remembrance of the Father’s Love.    Behind all the faces of the ONE dance the makings of the entire cosmos. Heaven and Earth , Spirit and Matter, the Dream and the Manifest. Weave together these threads in a place of utter stillness and surrender, in the unfathomable depth of your heart and you will have found. YOU are Heaven in Flesh. The Tiger and the Butterfly."   
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