Is there anyone out there?  It has been waaaaaaay too long since I have last uploaded any art! Here are some pieces I did for my last show "The Future is Female"  

I will be adding new prints and originals to my shop tomorrow, Sept 23rd! Yay! 




 "Heaven and Earth"



 This piece was inspired by a potent dream about two little twins: 

"Don't you see my dear, my dear 
you and your sister are one,
don't fear
For when you can clearly see, that all is as it's meant to be 
that is when you are free 
and you can be you and she be she 

Together you are strong 
apart you are week
in each other you find the solace you seek"




"The Rainbow Maker"

16". 13"


I would love to wrap this piece up in a sentance or two but to be honest I am not quite sure what it is all about, "The Rainbow Maker" just had to make himself known! It looks to me as though he may represent the pesky unconscious, because just as the unconcious if you aren't careful the Rainbow Maker may just stop you in your tracks, and barf on you :)


"The Rainbow Maker Detail"



Back soon with more, now I need to sleep.  With little Miss Rose I can only post late at night and it is way past my bedtime. Good night friends!