She's Here

Our darling baby girl Rosemaria Tuvia Jane was born to us May 30th at 2:19 in the afternoon weighing 8 lbs and 2 oz. We could not possibly be more in love or full of joy! Everyday since she has been born I have been cooing over her every sweet smile and gurgle, kissing her tiny fingers and toes, singing her songs and napping with her tiny little heartbeat next to mine.  To be her mother is the greatest gift of my life, and to see John and I's LOVE has brought such a beautiful being to earth is divine and awe filled beyond words.  I will love her with all of my heart and soul and with every breath of my life, My Rosemaria Tuvia Jane.


Rose on her 3 day old birthday


Normally, as anyone who really knows me will tell you, I am actually quite private, which you can imagine is quite a conflict when it comes to keeping a blog.  I didn't know how much to share about Rosemaria's birth, but I know I have been helped so much by other people's generous sharing of their experience, so, in the interest of being a true child of the new millennium I have decided to share.

Our Rose was born at home with the support of her amazing Dad, and our loving Midwives and Doula. There is certainly no one way to bring a baby into the world, especially today, but to have her here in the Love and privacy of our home was the only way, God willing, for us.  Giving birth in such a gentle environment where I felt completely safe, respected and held, allowed me to open fully and to "face myself", I can't say it any better than that. Despite having read a lot about birth, talking about it, and even watching countless videos of people giving birth, I had no idea what to expect going into the experience.  Now having gone through it I can say it was much more gritty than I dreamed. I had to go deep within myself and find power I never knew I had, and it was the greatest achievement of my life.  I know the way I brought Rosemaria into this world made me the woman I need to be to raise her in it.   After a fifteen hour labor (most of which was in water - thank you John) Rose was born! John "caught" her and handed her to me. All three of us were crying, in complete shock and ecstasy I scooped her up in my arms and held her tight to me, we stared into each others eyes and I said "We did it! I cannot say more about it because it is truly beyond words. Truly.

Rosemaria's birth was not only empowering for me but for John as well, he was there with me through each contraction and push, the whole experience has sent our Love in to orbit! I really didn't think was possible to possibly love John more, but the birth of our daughter has opened my heart to Love I never knew! The whole birth was private and respectful and completely about John and Rose and I, at no point were we patronized or hurried along. We had full space and time to just be and to begin our lives as parents together.  Becoming a mother or a father does not just happen with the flip of a switch, like all things in nature, it is a gradual unfolding that takes time, reverence and support, and with this full unfolding I know we have strong roots that will carry us through our lives as a family together.

 Rose is plump and glowing, and full of life. Everyone who has seen her cannot believe how radiant and peaceful she is! I know that the Love that is all around her is allowing her the thrive and unfold to her fullest, I am so blessed to see her blossom, rosy and full, more and more each day.

 I have been so blessed with such amazing support and wisdom, this is a wonderful time to welcome a child into the world! Here are some resources I found extremely helpful.



Orgasmic Birth 

Birth as we Know it 

Business of Being Born 

There are many wonderful films on the subject of birth and home birth, many of which you can stream on Amazon but these are the ones that stood out to me the most, and are a great place to start.



Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


Birthing from Within

loved all of these books and I very highly recommend them!


Online Resources:

Birth into Being Elena Tonetti is an invaluable resource, I highly recommend her site which is full of information! I loved hearing her in interviews which you can find on the interview page.

Birth of a New Earth  


Birth class:

We took Birthing from Within and loved it!