My heart goes out to all of the families who have been affected by the Superstorm Sandy.

Here is PA we were comparably unaffected, although we did loose quite a few trees, and we were out of power for 8 and a half days.  The winds here hit 85 to 90 miles per hour, and seemed to go on for hours. John, Rosemaria and I cuddled up in the most structurally sound area of the house and waited it out as the winds ripped through the trees all around us.  Thankfully, very thankfully, no one was hurt.

It is cliché, but true to its core, that tragedy, whether felt directly or through others stands as a beacon of what matters.  And all that really matters is each other! We are part of an incredible community here, of people who always work together when we need it most.  Early the next morning, after the storm had settled I heard the buzz of chainsaws outside, it was all of the men in the neighborhood (and one woman, not me, I am afraid of chainsaws) working together to clear all of the fallen trees from people's homes and driveways.  We even had people coming to check that we had enough water, offering us freezer space with their generator-powered freezers and making sure we were warm.


our house by candle light

Luckily John always is prepared to live like a pioneer if we need to, we had plenty of water thanks to these Glass Carboys, that you can get at any home brewing supply store. Lots of light and heat from our wood stove and antique lanterns, and we cooked all of our meals outdoors on our Rocket Stove.  Another key was being stocked with non- perishables and having a compost toilet set up. When our power goes, so does our water because we are on a well that requires electricity to operate the pump. John prepared us by making a toilet out of a large bucket with a toilet seat attached and then you cover the waste with fine saw dust and or kitty litter.  Can you tell the power goes out here a lot? We always have to be ready :)

Of course Talula didn't even notice we were out of power

 The main thing about the storm that was super eerie and really got my imagination running for the worst was these strange colorful lights bursting over our house! I totally thought an alien spaceship was going to beam us up!  I still don't know what they were, they looked as though there were fireworks going off just above the clouds but they were totally silent.  People saw them all over and many people have hypothesized that they were the result of power transformers blowing up, but that doesn't totally satisfy my curiosity because we are at lease a quarter mile from the nearest transformer, and we later inspected all the transformers near our house and there was no sign of burns or explosions.  Below is a video taken in NJ, showing the same lights we saw.  Let me know what you think they are!!


I hope you are well, wherever you may be