The Four Directions



"When They Gather"

20". 15.5"


"When They Gather" is my latest piece, and I fills my heart to look at it.  This piece revels a stone unturned in my art, a softness that calls to my inner child's eye. Mystery, magic, unseen worlds and nooks and crannies for the eyes to crawl through. I remember staring for hours at my favorite picture books like Heckety Peg and The Stinky Cheese Man being completely engulfed by the allusive and complete worlds brought to life with the pencils and brushes of masterful artists.

 I also find it interesting how expanded the view is in this piece.  The figure is not alone but is surrounded by attentive friends and a enchanted landscape.  Perhaps this is a direct correlation with my own expansion of space in leaving NYC and moving out to the woods of PA.  

I did not come to this canvas with a strong concept in mind, as I am finding is a much more authentic and sincere way of creating.  The only concept I intertwined into " When They Gather" is the Natvie American tradion of calling in the four directions to create a circle of protection and guidance in times of ceremony, healing and mediation. In Zuni tradition:


the Bear represents the West

the Wolf is the East

The Badger is the South

 Mt Lion is the North

Eagle is Higher Realms

Mole is Lower Realms 


Each animal has it's own essence that is called upon when the direction is called. You may be familiar with the four directions from the Native American Medicine Wheel The directions are also intertwined with the elements as well.  For more information on Zuni animal sprits a great book is Zuni Fetishes






I am so very excited because I have a show coming up March 31st April 7th at "Our Garage Space" in Easton, PA.  I hope that if you are in the area you can make it! Now back to painting for me, I have had baby on the brain and my unpainted sketches are pilling up!