About Yesterday...

 One of my favorite things in the world is buying and selling through Etsy! People package their treasures with so much love and care, and upon their arrival I am often surprised by how beautifully and creatively people present their goods. Sometimes I even open a package to find it sprinkled with extra goodies, it is more like receiving a gift than a purchase!  I often wonder what kind of a journey these little handmade treasures go on to get to me, and where the things I am sending end up. So with that in mind I thought I would share a few pictures of the darling Post Office I ship from, it is housed in an old bread mill and I have yet to see a Post Office to rival it's charm. You can imagine after living in Brooklyn for 8 years the quaintness of this is beyond measure for me and another major difference is I have only had to wait in line once! And that was behind a priest in his white tabbed colar and all.  In the pictures below you will see images of the front and back of the building.





A package in transit and one of my favorite drinks, water with frozen local strawberries. 








 After putting a few packages in the mail John and I went to the lake and took out our new Kayaks! I cannot tell you how much I love being on the water, and what better way than on a Kayak!


 John's Greasecar! He converted his diesel VW Golf to run on filtered vegetable oil.




Early summertime beauty.