Straight to my Heart

I have so many things to update! I love the cozy little cottage we are living in, but it is much too dark to take a decent picture inside.  As a result I am very dependant on sunshine to update my sites, and after a week of rain I feel a bit behind. Today was sunny and beautiful so I did manage to take some pictures that I will share soon.

John and I had dinner with some friends last night and we were discussing our favorite movies (one of my favorite dinner topics).  I have too many favorites to list but this is my "Straight to my Heart" list in no particular order... okay, a little bit of order, Tree of Life is definitely my favorite, after that, no particular order...


 127 Hours

Some movies, (and plays for that matter) leave me feeling so deeply stirred I don't even want to talk about them, I just want to let their resonance run though me and change me in subtle ways. That is what each of these films did for me. They were all so sincere, so potent and beautifully filmed and preformed. I love them so much, and I am so grateful for the incredible talent shared in creating them.