" I'll Give you my All "

"I'll Give you my All"


water-based oil on folio paper


I started this piece yesterday while sitting in the sun with Talula, and I woke up early this morning to finish her. I didn't have any preconceived ideas when I started this piece but now that I have the finished piece looking back at me I am struck by how relevant she is. I noticed the moment I posted her that she looks almost like she is barfing out "lauramuraco.com", which makes total sense considering how much I have devoted to my new site lately.

"I'll Give you my All" is a reflection of probably how I do everything, but namely my art making process. I am absolutely addicted to beauty, and by painting I get a chance to digest all that I find.  Not only that, canvas and paper is where I work things out, often without even realizing it until I have the final product staring at me.  "I'll Give You My All" will mean many different things over the course of her life, but to me she is a piece about how and why I make art.


I have recently discovered the genius of having the easel upright when I paint, it might be the best thing that ever happened to painting!

Here is a little sneak-peek at one of the necklaces I am working on! This is "Rabbitmoon" and she measures a mear 1 inch in hight and width! I got so excited about the idea of wearable paintings about a year ago when I first made "the bee charmer" and I decided to revisit my little necklaces with a little more color this time.  Just in time for spring!