Pins, Pearls and Daisies in the Sun




Yay Spring!!! I am so excited to shead my sweaters for dresses and skirts! As much as I love seeing all the flowers and trees bloom for the season change, sometimes I wonder if I would trade seasons for a pair of sandals year round.  That must be the Florida baby in me, I spent much of my first 6 years living down South and that just set my station to - Warm

This Spring, I have been really into scarves, pins and cardigans, they make even a tee-shirt look ladylike. Which brings be to a very exciting recent discovery, I have just found that friend of mine from collage has her own fantastic line of Military inspired pins!

These amazing pins by Beatrice Pearl are so whimsical and smart, I can't wait to get one myself! 




daisies by our window

sleeping in the spring sun 

John, Talula and I spent much of our Saturday laying out in the sun, which just might be my favorite thing do do in the whole world.

"frienemies"Lydia and Talula 


 I am going to make some coffee now and finish working on the Wedding Invitations I finishing up. I am so excited because this is the first project I have done of this nature, I was a little nervous but I just dove right in and they are turning out quite cute, I will share them when they are done <3