How do to it all?

* step 4


I have found it to be quite a challenge to do all the things I love, but also a very joyful and enriching process as well. Although it feels impossible at times, and like some people must have a stash of elves working for them, I am convinced it is, in fact, quite possible, and even fun! I say this very lightly because I am a work in progress for sure!

My personal goals are to; meditate daily, run and do yoga, maintain a clean and tidy home, eat healthy and concisely prepared meals, work (I am home by 2.30), be a good pet mama and wife, paint, run an online shop, and blog -phew.

  So far I have it all on the wagon (most of the time) but the exercise bit, and the conscious meals thing is hanging by a thread, those always seem to be the most at risk! But I am not giving up! I will pull my Yoga mat, and lug Running shoes back onto my Caravan of Dreams waving my steamed broccoli high, and ride off into the sunset of healthy aging. 

I am sure this issue of "how to do it all" is something that we all can relate to and I would love to hear other people's tips and discoveries! For me I have found a few things that are my go-tos for strength:


1.   Sleep! I always shoot for 10 pm bedtime and 6 am wake up.

2 and 3.    Routine and Balance.  I have found the solution is in doing a little of everything everyday and then block times of the week for the heroic hour or more hours stretches a certain task.  For example, I tidy up everyday, put away all my clothes and dishes before bed to avoid clutter build up, then Sunday is house cleaning day and I spend a few hours doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms etc..  This manages my time and balances it so I don't feel overwhelmed with too many options, and I feel a sense of accomplishment for meeting my daily task.

4.   Grounding! This is one I have implemented in the past few years and it is so vital! Especially with all the EMF and radio waves flying around everywhere.  Grounding is this easy- go outside and touch a tree! That is it - you’re done! If you want to go really crazy you can even take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the Earth for a super turbo blast of grounding! I have heard that grounding has the same calming and centering effect an infant gets from nursing, and I have found from experience that I instantly feel more at peace and clear when I am outside and barefoot- never fails. The other part of grounding is sunlight, the sun is sooo crucial, not only for the vitamins, but it also opens and expands your consciousness. Way. Direct sun exposure opens the Pineal gland which is the center Yogis refer to as the 3rd eye, this is the center of intuition or pure knowledge.

5.   Being flexible! Relaxing! Loving myself through thick and thin! It is all about wiring and rewiring the brain, which takes time, patience and consistency.


Cheers to doing all the things we love to do! xoxo!