Through the Fog....

Recently we had a 3 day stint of beautiful eerie fog so I grabbed my camera to capture some reference photos for my next series....


Textures of Pennsylvania winter


Our Dear Martin Luther King...


I hope that we all take a moment to reflect today on Dr. Martin Luther King and what his legacy meant to us. Not only a nation, but also as individuals. May his messages of Love and the Non-Violent intolerance of oppression, be carried on, until all men, from all races, all economic statuses, and all creeds, be free and upheld by the forces of compassion and not held down under the tyranny of greed.



There are many more wonderful news clips and speeches of Dr. King's available for viewing on


"It is just as bad to passively accept evil as it is to inflict it" - MLK




.... and a Happy New Year!

 2012 has come and gone, and with it the end of a 26,000 year planetary journey through the equinoxes, it marks the end of the Mayan calendar and now, for a time, our Sun is smack dab in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. A lot of hype, but what does it all mean?! I guess that is all yet to be determined, but I for one, am eager to find out!

Although I had a blissful year with the birth of my beautiful baby girl, my 30th birthday and so many other things to be truly grateful for, I must say I am relieved 2012 has gone to rest and 2013 is before us all shiny and new! I feel deep in my heart that collectively we will all make a turn for more peace in ways great and small.  There is too much beauty to celebrate, too much love to share, for us all to be caught up in the things that no longer work for us.  It is my deepest hope that we can shed the skin of the old paradigms of greed and control and take flight in a new era of unlimited potentials.

......In the meantime here are some holiday pictures for your viewing pleasure.....

Christmas in Americana

Rosemaria's first Christmas! Her favorite gift was the paper the gifts came in.

The veins of my heart

Happy 30th turn around the Sun to me! This is a BEAUTIFUL birthday- carrot -cake from my lovely friend Becca ♡

I can't tell my birthday wish, for fear it won't come true, but I will give you a hint... it was a wish for all of us









My heart goes out to all of the families who have been affected by the Superstorm Sandy.

Here is PA we were comparably unaffected, although we did loose quite a few trees, and we were out of power for 8 and a half days.  The winds here hit 85 to 90 miles per hour, and seemed to go on for hours. John, Rosemaria and I cuddled up in the most structurally sound area of the house and waited it out as the winds ripped through the trees all around us.  Thankfully, very thankfully, no one was hurt.

It is cliché, but true to its core, that tragedy, whether felt directly or through others stands as a beacon of what matters.  And all that really matters is each other! We are part of an incredible community here, of people who always work together when we need it most.  Early the next morning, after the storm had settled I heard the buzz of chainsaws outside, it was all of the men in the neighborhood (and one woman, not me, I am afraid of chainsaws) working together to clear all of the fallen trees from people's homes and driveways.  We even had people coming to check that we had enough water, offering us freezer space with their generator-powered freezers and making sure we were warm.


our house by candle light

Luckily John always is prepared to live like a pioneer if we need to, we had plenty of water thanks to these Glass Carboys, that you can get at any home brewing supply store. Lots of light and heat from our wood stove and antique lanterns, and we cooked all of our meals outdoors on our Rocket Stove.  Another key was being stocked with non- perishables and having a compost toilet set up. When our power goes, so does our water because we are on a well that requires electricity to operate the pump. John prepared us by making a toilet out of a large bucket with a toilet seat attached and then you cover the waste with fine saw dust and or kitty litter.  Can you tell the power goes out here a lot? We always have to be ready :)

Of course Talula didn't even notice we were out of power

 The main thing about the storm that was super eerie and really got my imagination running for the worst was these strange colorful lights bursting over our house! I totally thought an alien spaceship was going to beam us up!  I still don't know what they were, they looked as though there were fireworks going off just above the clouds but they were totally silent.  People saw them all over and many people have hypothesized that they were the result of power transformers blowing up, but that doesn't totally satisfy my curiosity because we are at lease a quarter mile from the nearest transformer, and we later inspected all the transformers near our house and there was no sign of burns or explosions.  Below is a video taken in NJ, showing the same lights we saw.  Let me know what you think they are!!


I hope you are well, wherever you may be 






the Thousand Islands stole my One Heart

vintage postcard from the thousand islands


My latest painting (pictured below) was inspired by my favorite place in the whole wide world,The Thousand Islands of The St. Lawrence River.  We stay on Wellsley Island, a stoney and magical island, dappled with ancient oak trees, moss covered boulders and the streets are lined with brightly colored victorian cottages, called "the painted ladies". 



"Thousand Islands, One Heart"

7". 8"

Main Dock...for swimming, sunning and dreaming


Ice Cream at "the Guzzle" 


A lovely "painted lady"


View from the water


I will soon be making prints available of "Thousand Islands, One Heart" available in my shop!


Soon the light of summer will dwindle to embers of the cozy fires of winter nights ♡






  Is there anyone out there?  It has been waaaaaaay too long since I have last uploaded any art! Here are some pieces I did for my last show "The Future is Female"  

I will be adding new prints and originals to my shop tomorrow, Sept 23rd! Yay! 




 "Heaven and Earth"



 This piece was inspired by a potent dream about two little twins: 

"Don't you see my dear, my dear 
you and your sister are one,
don't fear
For when you can clearly see, that all is as it's meant to be 
that is when you are free 
and you can be you and she be she 

Together you are strong 
apart you are week
in each other you find the solace you seek"




"The Rainbow Maker"

16". 13"


I would love to wrap this piece up in a sentance or two but to be honest I am not quite sure what it is all about, "The Rainbow Maker" just had to make himself known! It looks to me as though he may represent the pesky unconscious, because just as the unconcious if you aren't careful the Rainbow Maker may just stop you in your tracks, and barf on you :)


"The Rainbow Maker Detail"



Back soon with more, now I need to sleep.  With little Miss Rose I can only post late at night and it is way past my bedtime. Good night friends!






She's Here

Our darling baby girl Rosemaria Tuvia Jane was born to us May 30th at 2:19 in the afternoon weighing 8 lbs and 2 oz. We could not possibly be more in love or full of joy! Everyday since she has been born I have been cooing over her every sweet smile and gurgle, kissing her tiny fingers and toes, singing her songs and napping with her tiny little heartbeat next to mine.  To be her mother is the greatest gift of my life, and to see John and I's LOVE has brought such a beautiful being to earth is divine and awe filled beyond words.  I will love her with all of my heart and soul and with every breath of my life, My Rosemaria Tuvia Jane.


Rose on her 3 day old birthday


Normally, as anyone who really knows me will tell you, I am actually quite private, which you can imagine is quite a conflict when it comes to keeping a blog.  I didn't know how much to share about Rosemaria's birth, but I know I have been helped so much by other people's generous sharing of their experience, so, in the interest of being a true child of the new millennium I have decided to share.

Our Rose was born at home with the support of her amazing Dad, and our loving Midwives and Doula. There is certainly no one way to bring a baby into the world, especially today, but to have her here in the Love and privacy of our home was the only way, God willing, for us.  Giving birth in such a gentle environment where I felt completely safe, respected and held, allowed me to open fully and to "face myself", I can't say it any better than that. Despite having read a lot about birth, talking about it, and even watching countless videos of people giving birth, I had no idea what to expect going into the experience.  Now having gone through it I can say it was much more gritty than I dreamed. I had to go deep within myself and find power I never knew I had, and it was the greatest achievement of my life.  I know the way I brought Rosemaria into this world made me the woman I need to be to raise her in it.   After a fifteen hour labor (most of which was in water - thank you John) Rose was born! John "caught" her and handed her to me. All three of us were crying, in complete shock and ecstasy I scooped her up in my arms and held her tight to me, we stared into each others eyes and I said "We did it! I cannot say more about it because it is truly beyond words. Truly.

Rosemaria's birth was not only empowering for me but for John as well, he was there with me through each contraction and push, the whole experience has sent our Love in to orbit! I really didn't think was possible to possibly love John more, but the birth of our daughter has opened my heart to Love I never knew! The whole birth was private and respectful and completely about John and Rose and I, at no point were we patronized or hurried along. We had full space and time to just be and to begin our lives as parents together.  Becoming a mother or a father does not just happen with the flip of a switch, like all things in nature, it is a gradual unfolding that takes time, reverence and support, and with this full unfolding I know we have strong roots that will carry us through our lives as a family together.

 Rose is plump and glowing, and full of life. Everyone who has seen her cannot believe how radiant and peaceful she is! I know that the Love that is all around her is allowing her the thrive and unfold to her fullest, I am so blessed to see her blossom, rosy and full, more and more each day.

 I have been so blessed with such amazing support and wisdom, this is a wonderful time to welcome a child into the world! Here are some resources I found extremely helpful.



Orgasmic Birth 

Birth as we Know it 

Business of Being Born 

There are many wonderful films on the subject of birth and home birth, many of which you can stream on Amazon but these are the ones that stood out to me the most, and are a great place to start.



Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


Birthing from Within

loved all of these books and I very highly recommend them!


Online Resources:

Birth into Being Elena Tonetti is an invaluable resource, I highly recommend her site which is full of information! I loved hearing her in interviews which you can find on the interview page.

Birth of a New Earth  


Birth class:

We took Birthing from Within and loved it!










My goodness, I am so behind in the blogosphere, if you are still out there thank you!

I am literally one day away from our "due date" and wow, this time of preparing to become a mother has been a whirlwind, but a really magical wind to be swept up in! John and I are so so excited to meet our little one!! Even though this whole process of procreation has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years I still feel totally shocked every step of the way towards motherhood.  From the first kick to the incredible transformation my body had gone through I am completely blown away by the magic of opening myself up to bringing a new life to earth.  The nursery is prepared, the cloth diapers and clothes are all washed, folded and put away and now I just cannot wait to meet our baby!  

I have so much that I want to share, some new paintings I really love that I am anxious to get photographed and ready for new prints and also some new originals for my shop too! Thank you so much to everyone who made it out the "The Future is Female" show! What a fun night and thank you for all of your kind words and support and for making it such a success! I really loved meeting so many new and interesting people and sharing my art!!




I will be back as soon as I can with more to share, it may take me a bit to find my stride with my new little baby and balencing it all but I can't stay away from my paint brushes for long so please check back soon for more. Also baby news!





Thank you Dtown!



I am so very excited and honored by the recent most publication of Dtown Magazine in which I was the featutred artist! I could not possibly be happier with the article or beautiful presentation! Here is a link to the Dtown website so you can take a peek!




My upcoming show at "Our Garage Space" has been rescheduled to April 7th from 6- 10! Our Garage Space is located at 43 N. Sitgreaves street in Easton, PA.  Our Garage Space is a super cool gallery with great art, people, music and there will even be a fashion show! If you are there say Hi! I hope you can make it!








The Four Directions



"When They Gather"

20". 15.5"


"When They Gather" is my latest piece, and I fills my heart to look at it.  This piece revels a stone unturned in my art, a softness that calls to my inner child's eye. Mystery, magic, unseen worlds and nooks and crannies for the eyes to crawl through. I remember staring for hours at my favorite picture books like Heckety Peg and The Stinky Cheese Man being completely engulfed by the allusive and complete worlds brought to life with the pencils and brushes of masterful artists.

 I also find it interesting how expanded the view is in this piece.  The figure is not alone but is surrounded by attentive friends and a enchanted landscape.  Perhaps this is a direct correlation with my own expansion of space in leaving NYC and moving out to the woods of PA.  

I did not come to this canvas with a strong concept in mind, as I am finding is a much more authentic and sincere way of creating.  The only concept I intertwined into " When They Gather" is the Natvie American tradion of calling in the four directions to create a circle of protection and guidance in times of ceremony, healing and mediation. In Zuni tradition:


the Bear represents the West

the Wolf is the East

The Badger is the South

 Mt Lion is the North

Eagle is Higher Realms

Mole is Lower Realms 


Each animal has it's own essence that is called upon when the direction is called. You may be familiar with the four directions from the Native American Medicine Wheel The directions are also intertwined with the elements as well.  For more information on Zuni animal sprits a great book is Zuni Fetishes






I am so very excited because I have a show coming up March 31st April 7th at "Our Garage Space" in Easton, PA.  I hope that if you are in the area you can make it! Now back to painting for me, I have had baby on the brain and my unpainted sketches are pilling up!





A very very special suprize!

I know it has been a while since my last post and I hope you will excuse me.  I like you to meet the little culprit who has been taking my focus as of late





 Da naaaa!!!!!




Eek! This is our first ultrasound and here our little one is only 13.5 weeks ( I am now 17 wks) and he or she is already the sweetest little peanut baby I have ever seen! 

It feels very good to be back in my little corner of cyber space and I promise now that I have turned the corner out of the first trimester morning sickness (all day sickness) I will be back soon with new art!




Scenes of Summer

As summer bursts into the flames of autumn, I am feeling just like a cake ready to come out of the oven.  I go through so much transformation in the heat of summer, by the end of it I am filled to the brim and ready to digest ...

Here are a few images of a summer past.


painted toes and scratchy, saggy lounge chairs.



 Barbecues, summer cottages, chilled white wine, sunburns.


Black Eyed Susans hoarding the sun.


Stillness ...





A boat ride around the island we stay.




The sun will still dance, in it's thickening sky...

.... Till next years bloom, my beloved season of light. 




Time to Breathe



Wow! Summer is my favorite season of all but I am definitely ready to unwind, get back into my rythms and be HOME sweet HOME



 Here is our cozy new abode! Nestled in the woods amongst the lumbering bears and speckled fawns, I could not possibly love our home more.  John and I have been so busy from dawn to dusk painting, cleaning and unpacking - hence my lack of posts as of late.

 One of the first things I did (besides unpacking the kitchen and our bedroom) was set up my new studio! 

I took the before picture after we had added a coat of primer. I don't know if you can see in the first picture but this room had giant red and black squares teamed with black windows, it took 3 coats of paint (4 if you include priming) to paint this room! Removing the basketball hoop was quite a job as well, I still have to touch up the spot is was with some more paint.


I love how the Ecru paint came out, it has a soft glow without being over powering. 75% of this studio is from antique shops, maybe 10% is Ikea and the rest is "hand me downs" or gifts.

Now back to painting, which I have been itching to return to! 








John and I are moving! Ugh.. I am burried in boxes and borax, scrubbing and packing.  But it will all be worth it soon, I am very excited about our first house! Come Friday John and I will have the keys to our very first home to call our own! 


I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer, and I look forward to returning with some updates soon!







George and the kitty bat signal 



For the past couple months I have devoted much of my time to creating my new website, posting in my Etsy shop, researching galleries, working on my resume... which has been great, but I am really feeling the pull to go back to my easel and to go deeper with my art. With the internet it seems everything has become about speed, production, selling and staying at the cutting edge, which can be super inspiring! But I also have found that swimming in that pressure can drown out my uniqueness and authenticity in an effort to "win". 

My husband is an Art Therapist with an amazing eye, so I have very little wiggle room when it comes to "faking it"on my canvases before he will call me on it.  What I mean by "faking it" is faking it to myself, faking it to others, faking the claim "I am am artist".  To me being an artist entails brave self-excavation, digging into truths unseen that can be brought to light with a brush.  Even in the seemingly most simple painting, of the most light hearted of subjects it all comes down to storytelling, so the question is what is the story?  What I have found in the last couple years is that the truth can only be danced out of me, whenever I plan, contrive, imitate, or push I only end up with crap. Because I am trying to tell something than allow something. The stories worth giving our hearts to often come in through the back door, trip us up, catch us off guard and reveal something unexpected. Depth is so allusive, but I think that is all we really see when we look at art - the sub text, and if the sub text is brave and sincere the subject of the painting becomes just a vessal to deliver the underlying mood and emotions.

I love where my art is starting to go. I intend to strip down a little more, to let go of my fears of making mistakes, or creating something that is or too strange so I can loosen the reigns, and watch my art unfold into something more that I have ever seen from myself.  And most importantly STOP getting consumed by what other people are doing! Take a break from Etsy and paint like no one will ever see. Paint from my heart.





About Yesterday...

 One of my favorite things in the world is buying and selling through Etsy! People package their treasures with so much love and care, and upon their arrival I am often surprised by how beautifully and creatively people present their goods. Sometimes I even open a package to find it sprinkled with extra goodies, it is more like receiving a gift than a purchase!  I often wonder what kind of a journey these little handmade treasures go on to get to me, and where the things I am sending end up. So with that in mind I thought I would share a few pictures of the darling Post Office I ship from, it is housed in an old bread mill and I have yet to see a Post Office to rival it's charm. You can imagine after living in Brooklyn for 8 years the quaintness of this is beyond measure for me and another major difference is I have only had to wait in line once! And that was behind a priest in his white tabbed colar and all.  In the pictures below you will see images of the front and back of the building.





A package in transit and one of my favorite drinks, water with frozen local strawberries. 








 After putting a few packages in the mail John and I went to the lake and took out our new Kayaks! I cannot tell you how much I love being on the water, and what better way than on a Kayak!


 John's Greasecar! He converted his diesel VW Golf to run on filtered vegetable oil.




Early summertime beauty.





I Do !



Brian and Emily, I do!



a silhouette of the couple's dog, Jasmine ♡


 chicken or fish?



   I had so much fun designing this invitation! This is just the invite I would have done for our own wedding had I the chance.  I got the idea from a wedding invitation I saw when I was young. My grandmother held a bed and breakfast in her home, and one of her clients was from France, he stayed with her for some time and shortly after returning to his home he sent her a  lovely wedding invitation looked quite similar to this. I took the very Victorian design I remembered and brightened it up and added a few more modern elements! I am so so glad I got to bring this idea to life for our dear friends Brian and Emily.  If you would like a custom invitation for your wedding, please contact me! I would love to work with you ♡ 




Apple trees & Peonies



Peonies are my new favorite flower! Yesterday, I was so excited when we passed a little farm with a field of Peonies! I got 20 Peonies for just $10! Our house smells like bliss! 


If you have ever wanted to swim in a cloud, then I recommend burring your face in a bunch of Peonies, it must be the closest one can get without being a bird.








  Continuing to bring the outdoors in, I clipped a few violets to brighten our bathroom.

Violets are also one of my favorites, so delicate so sweet...*Sigh.




 Above is our apple tree in the months of March, April, May and (almost) June.








New Jewels and the Chalkboard Tree










I promise I did not paint the chalkboard tree with chalkboard paint.  Yesterday, in my backyard I met a tree whom must have had it's branches trimmed ages ago, and where it's branches once were was a rich almost black color that looked just like mini chalkboards. Well, needless to say I could not resist.  

As for the new jewels, I am so very excited to share them!! I will be adding them to my shop very soon!  


I wish you a week filled with laugher and love.



Straight to my Heart

I have so many things to update! I love the cozy little cottage we are living in, but it is much too dark to take a decent picture inside.  As a result I am very dependant on sunshine to update my sites, and after a week of rain I feel a bit behind. Today was sunny and beautiful so I did manage to take some pictures that I will share soon.

John and I had dinner with some friends last night and we were discussing our favorite movies (one of my favorite dinner topics).  I have too many favorites to list but this is my "Straight to my Heart" list in no particular order... okay, a little bit of order, Tree of Life is definitely my favorite, after that, no particular order...


 127 Hours

Some movies, (and plays for that matter) leave me feeling so deeply stirred I don't even want to talk about them, I just want to let their resonance run though me and change me in subtle ways. That is what each of these films did for me. They were all so sincere, so potent and beautifully filmed and preformed. I love them so much, and I am so grateful for the incredible talent shared in creating them.