True and Wild Love...

My inspiration comes from both the joy of uncovering the unknown, and also the blessing of creating images to reflect the beauty that floods my heart.  Much of the time my thoughts reside in other dimensions, in the unexplored terrains of the unconscious, or with the nature spirits that flutter along beside me as I walk through the woods that cradle my home. I feel a deep connection Spirit, and I know that that is the well from which my creativity is drawn. 

I am also inspired by true and wild love, mothers&fathers, the servers and the healers among us, vulnerable strength, untamed hearts, the elephant in the room (and the person who points it out), feral beasts, fuzzy friends, locked doors & open hearts. 

I am an illustrator, a wife and mama. I live, work and play in Bucks county, Pennsylvania and brings me so much joy to say my art is now collected all over the world!  

Thank you so much for visiting my shop and supporting my art. It is my wish and intention that my art will uplift, inspire and serve the highest good of you, and all beings everywhere.




The Bio My Mom Wrote for Me (thank you mom)

Laura Muraco, a graduate from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Illustration and recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, is a passionate, up and coming artist.  She demonstrates finely tuned technical skills that are often expressed through the traditional as well as low-brow works. After living in and showing her work in NYC for 8 years, she moved a bit south to the countryside of Bucks County, PA , where she is inspired by it’s artistically saturated community, as well as it’s natural beauty.  Laura claims to be shamelessly addicted to beauty. But most will agree, her work is more than a recreation of what is beautiful. In fact her work is somewhat uncomfortable at times because she boldly illustrates not only what is beautiful, but what is truthful and emotional in her figures, and ultimately within ourselves.